18th Jul 2019, 3:10 PM Dispatch Technician
A Dispatch Technician provides client desktop support as well as the installation of voice communication systems, maintenance and administration of network services. They provide technical assistance to identify, prioritize and resolve client issues. This position often includes responsibilities including the recognition, research, isolation, resolution of and follow-up on client issues.

The technician is responsible for responding to emergency/ non-emergency calls and provide information as per the established guidelines. They have to take requests from the callers and should collect all the necessary information such as names, telephones. The professionals have to maintain a record of all calls by the communication department. The Dispatch Technician has to ensure the proper functioning of computer terminals.

The professionals should work with different complex software platforms. They have to provide all the necessary support to the field personnel and must recognize current and potential field problems. It is the Dispatch Technician who handles internal and external customers with utmost care and professionalism. The technician will reschedule and reassign work assignments as per the requirement.
18th Jul 2019, 2:54 PM What is a NOC Specialist?

A NOC Specialist, or network operating center specialist, is somebody who installs, manages, and tests the systems that connect computers in an organization.

Many NOC specialists work in the telecom and IT industries, helping firms solve a range of technical problems while also providing B2B customer support.

The Responsibilities of a NOC Specialist

The responsibilities of a NOC specialist include:

  • Troubleshooting IP services and networks.
  • Providing customer support to business clients
  • Monitoring company networks and responding to issues
  • Manage the integration of new network technologies
  • Monitoring of network alarms and reacting appropriately
  • Announcing service schedules to network users
  • Supervising network changes and ensuring that they work